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All the Gold Hurts My Mouth

“In this fierce debut, Leyton explores women as palaces and grand pianos, gleaming objects admired and shattered. Through her lyrically exuberant voice, whirring with musicality and subversive jabs, art becomes a looking glass. Just as ‘women hum to drown their hunger,’ these poems bring the salve of self-creation to their reader.”

— Cassidy McFadzean, author of Hacker Packer

“Leyton’s voice is both enigmatic and unabashed, delving into the mysteries of selfhood while offering a vivid meditation on what it means to be a woman alive today.

A fearless, urgent, and beautifully wrought debut.”

— Kerry-Lee Powell, author of Inheritance

All the Gold Hurts My Mouth pulls no punches. Combining a visceral feminism with sharp eroticism, Katherine Leyton takes on sexual politics in the twenty-first century. As she holds up a mirror to the male gaze, she unflinchingly interrogates the nature of images and masks as they work through television, movies, and the Internet — the hyperreality that influences our perceptions and interactions.

Yet, for all of that, this vivid collection is also a rich quest for identity, authenticity, and nature uncorrupted. Gloriously reaching for connection and love, for honesty and intimacy, Leyton gives voice to a bold, resounding feminism in this manifesto for our age.

All the Gold Hurts My Mouth


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