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Ghost Wolf

Chapter One

“It will be great, Matt!”

His dad’s words rang in his ears. Matt stood in his cabin doorway and watched the car drive away.

“I loved this camp when I was a kid,” his father had told him. “You will too. Just wait and see.”

Matt kept his back turned to the other kids. He was not going to let them see him cry! But after the car drove out of sight, he felt a big, painful lump right where his heart should be. He’d never been good at outdoors stuff. He wasn’t sure about this at all.

In the cabin it sounded like a whole army of boys were fighting over the bunks they wanted. A counselor’s voice rang out.

“Okay, guys, enough! Tim, you’re a big guy. You take a bottom bunk. Don’t want you crashing down on the kid beneath you. Rupal, you take the top one. Joey, the other top one.”

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