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The days of traditional families trying to marry off their children for convenience with juicy economic agreements and little romanticism are long gone. In addition, the age of dreaming about finding Prince Charming at a party has also passed. Although, for some people, tales of princesses still garner hope, current times lead us to reconsider the way in which we connect with others.

What if our other half is not around the corner? Do we have to resign ourselves to be alone just because we don’t find someone compatible with us? For many people, technology, apart from solving many issues of modern living, has also become a way of entertainment. This silent companion is, even if we don’t notice it, at our fingertips whenever we get bored -- for instance when it starts raining heavily and we feel melancholy or when we miss someone with whom we don’t talk anymore. Without questions, our telephone or computer is there. That is why, even though it may generate many insecurities, getting to know a person through the different options offered by technology is not as crazy as it used to be. If we use telephone applications that indicate to us how the weather will be during the following weekend; if the first thing we do when we get home is to turn on the computer; if we can learn about the day of a friend living in another continent in a second looking at his photographs in Facebook; or if we exercise with an application for the iPad . . . why can’t we extend the use of technology for those matters related to our love lives?

We live surrounded by a lot of devices that were created to simplify everyday life because we never have enough time, we always want to do more or because it gives us fear to slow down a bit. Being this hyper-connected can, instead of separating us, create bridges to make contact with kindred spirits that, perhaps due to shyness or feeling ashamed, do not dare to show themselves before others.

The question is therefore repeated: Can the love of our lives be behind a screen? We are here to offer several tips so that you, at least, might dare to try.



10 Advantages for a Virtual Meeting

Getting to know a person through the different choices offered by technology seems to be a good option for those looking to be part of a couple. There are many influencing factors: more and more people maintain that they are tired of dates set up by friends, others are bored of going out all weekend and not finding someone interesting and, the more anxious ones, don’t want to wait anymore and want to meet someone as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many advantages of surfing the Internet and getting to know people that we find attractive. We are hereby giving you 10 reasons to try “techno-dates”.

1. Ideal for shy people

Modest people usual prefer virtual meetings. Many times, these systems help those that feel shy to show themselves, to get rid of inhibitions and to expose their real personality. Generally these types of meetings start on the Internet, in writing, and, only if there is compatibility with someone, a face-to-face meeting may be arranged.

2. Cheaper

Finances are a problem that affect many people. For techno-dates, the great amount of money needed for traditional dates is not required -- no restaurants, no movie tickets, no expensive bouquets of flowers. With just a good Internet connection, everyone can have a date!

3. Everyone has their own schedule

Virtual dates can be scheduled for the leisure time that one considers appropriate. These dates are ideal for people having complicated agendas for their free time. It is very important to remember that, in cyberspace, there is always someone willing to chat at any time!

4. Comfort!

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