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The Fossil Hunters


Chapter One: Where is Kyle?

Chapter Two: Another Guest

Chapter Three: A Rainy Day

Chapter Four: Left Out

Chapter Five: The Fossil Hunters Club

Chapter Six: That’s Some Find!

Chapter Seven: A Visit to Applegate Farm

Chapter Eight: Something Lost

Chapter Nine: Gone

Chapter Ten: Guilty?

Chapter Eleven: A Surprise

Chapter Twelve: Found and Lost

Chapter Thirteen: Lucky Day

Chapter Fourteen: Something Special


Chapter One
Where Is Kyle?

Shelley couldn’t sit still. “How much longer until we get there?” she asked.

“That’s the twenty-hundredth time you’ve asked,” said Dad.

Shelley giggled. “Dad, there’s no such number as twenty-hundredth,” she said.

“We’ll be there soon,” said Mom.

Shelley sighed. “Soon” was taking much too long. She couldn’t wait to get to Gray Rocks Lake and see Aunt Joan and Uncle Ray. And Topper. But most of all, she couldn’t wait to see her cousin Kyle.

Last summer, Shelley and Kyle went swimming, hiking, paddleboating and picnicking. They built forts and made a tree house and played explorers. They even had their own special club. It was called The Beach Club. Shelley had thought up the name because the beach was their favorite place to play.

“Look, Shelley,” said Mom. She pointed to a sign on the road.

“Gray Rocks Lake,” Shelley cheered. “Yay! We’re almost there.”

A few minutes later, Dad turned onto a grassy driveway. Shelley scrambled out of the car. “We’re here!” she shouted.

The screen door flew open, and Uncle Ray and Aunt Joan rushed out.

Everyone hugged and kissed. But where was Kyle? I’ll bet he’s hiding until the hugging and kissing is over, thought Shelley.

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