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Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex

Chapter One
Old Friends

The round Earth is a confusing place for a couple of square-headed robots from outer space. But Googol and Googolplex have been here once before. This time, they know where they are going. They have come to visit their friends, Troy and Pippa Sinclair.

Googol points down at a nice red house with lots of square windows and a triangular roof.

“There it is!” Googolplex says. His head spins around three times.

“Perfect!” Googol says.

They bring their spaceship down out of the blue summer sky.

Pippa and Troy are in the backyard.

They are standing beside a large inflatable pool. They are having trouble deciding who gets to jump in first. Troy pumped up the pool, but Pippa filled it with water.

“Why don’t we jump in at the same time?” Troy says.

“All right,” Pippa says.

She stands on one side of the pool, and Troy stands on the other. Pippa is six years old, and Troy is eight, and the pool is just the right size for both of them.

“One, two, three, go!” Troy calls out.

There is a big splash as they both jump in. When they finally stop laughing and splashing about, they look up into the air.

Googol and Googolplex’s spaceship makes a soft, buzzing noise and it is invisible to humans. Pippa thinks a bee is flying around them. She waves her hands to shoo it away.

Troy stands up in the pool. The buzzing stops. He smiles.

“It’s not a bee, silly. Look!” he says.

Pippa turns her head just in time to see Googol and Googolplex roll down the ramp out of their spaceship. Their square yellow toes slide into the green grass of the lawn. They are like identical twins, except that Googol has red wrist blocks and Googolplex has blue ones.

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